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Not sure what is wrong with your 5th Generation iPod Video? Or perhaps you know and just want it fixed! Either way, this is the right selection for you.

Sometimes you know exactly what is wrong with your iPod or iPhone: the screen is cracked or the battery doesn't hold a charge. Or perhaps all you know is that the dang thing doesn't turn on at all, or maybe it does, but all you get is an error message. Not to worry!

For a modest fee, our technicians will evaluate your Apple device and contact you right away with all of your options and prices. There is absolutely no need to commit to having repairs done, if warranted. If you decide that the cost to repair your device is not justified, let us know, and we will simply return it to you at no additional charge other than the cost of the evaluation and return shipping from us back to you (which you select during checkout).

Note: If the evaluation of your device reveals the need for a part that we can no longer obtain, we will have to send your device back un-repaired. More detail on this can be found in our Terms of Service.

We always have a wide variety of high-quality parts in our inventory, and our customers are often amazed at how great their device performs after receiving it back. Please place your order now to get the process started.

If this evaluation service is something that you are interested in, add this item to your cart by clicking the ‘Add To Cart' button and then proceed though the checkout process. Look for the ‘Comment' field and give us as much detail as you can about the issues you are having. When your order is complete, an order confirmation will be emailed to you, along with a unique Order Number. This Order Number should be included with your device when you ship it to us. And relax - the evaluation charge below will be applied towards the cost of any repairs you authorize.

The evaluation process is VERY simple: After you add this evaluation to your cart, proceed through the checkout process. After your order has been placed, an email will be sent that with a link to our shipping address, as well as tips on how to safely package up your device. Once we receive your device, we will send you an email, and later, after we have evaluated it, a technician will speak with you in person about what repairs will be needed. You are under no obligation to proceed with any repairs. If you authorize the repairs, we will apply the evaluation charge to the cost of your repairs. If you decline the repairs, we will keep the evaluation charge and return the un-repaired device back to you. Click here to learn more about how the whole Repair Evaluation process works – it's easy and fast!

Note: If you are interested in the possibility of a data backup, be sure to indicate that in the Order Comments field during checkout and we will let you know if that is possible after your device arrives.

And if you would like to get a better sense of the costs involved with affordable iPod repair, just contact us and we will be happy to help you out!

If you suspect your device has water or liquid damage, we suggest setting up an order for our repair evaluation for liquid-exposed devices as it is possible that this part alone will not solve the problems that you are having.

Maintain the original investment in your iPod and purchase this battery today - No Sales Tax charged for orders billed outside of Texas!

To see all of our outbound shipping methods (shipping options from us to you) view our Shipping Methods page. If you wish to learn more about our inbound shipping options (how you can get your device to us so that we can work with it), please view our Guidance for Safe Shipping page.

Limited-time Offer: Enter FREESHIP in coupon code field at checkout for free FREE USPS First Class Mail shipping (on orders greater than $10), or apply that discount towards another shipping method that you prefer!

LCD for<br>Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GLCD=29.00-->
Order this if the display screen is white, cracked, distorted, or dim.
Battery for<br>Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GBAT=25.00-->
Order this if the iPod doesn't hold a charge as well as it used to.
Headphone Jack for<br>Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GHPJ=29.00-->
Order this if audio doesn't play out of both headphones and/or the "hold" switch doesn't work.
Professional Repair Evaluation for Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GREV=19.00-->
Order this if you don't know what's wrong with your iPod.
Repair Evaluation for Liquid-Exposed 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GWDREV=29.00-->
Order this if your 5th Gen iPod classic was exposed to any liquid.
Faceplate for<br>Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GFP=19.00-->
Order this if the front casing is cracked, scratched, or damaged.
Hold Switch for<br>Apple 5th Gen iPod Video<!--BASE:5GHS=29.00-->
Order this if the hold swtich doesn't work.
Passcode Reset Service<!--BASE:PCR=1.00-->
Order this if you forgot your passcode or if your device is locked.
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