Let’s Juice Your iPod, iPhone, or iPad!

Did you know that iPod and iPhone Screens are our specialty?

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Every iPod has a display to help you navigate and select songs, pictures, and perhaps videos. But if you have a broken iPod screen that is cracked, dim, or simply not displaying anything, then chances are you need to have it replaced. You might be surprised how affordable a new iPod screen can be.

Because replacing an iPod LCD (liquid crystal display) can be a bit more challenging than replacing a battery, we suggest you send your iPod to us and let us replace it for you. We replace LCDs within a few days after your device arrives and, after it passes rigorous testing, will ship it right back to you. (If you are comfortable inside an iPod, you can always purchase the LCD only, but no tools or instructions will be included with your order).

So please scroll down and select the your iPod model from the list below to learn more about how we can replace your broken iPod screen and get your iPod or iPhone working again:

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How Does the Evaluation / Repair Process Work?

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