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Apple 2nd Gen iPod touch

Headphone Jack for
Apple 2nd Gen iPod touch

If your iPod touch isn't sounding so great or has no sound at all, we can replace the headphone jack with a great new one.

Replacing the Headphone Jack in this iPod takes expertise, and we have the talent in house to quickly remove your old, damaged Headphone Jack and replace it with a brand new one. So if you have an iPod that works great, but the Headphone Jack is damaged in some way, add this item to your cart and let us do the rest.

Note: We strongly recommend that you send your device to us for installation of your new Headphone Jack, but if you feel up to the challenge, and want to install the new Headphone Jack yourself, select the 'self-installation' option above, and we will send your Headphone Jack instead of expecting your device to be sent to us for repair. This tells us that you understand that there will be no tools or instructions with your Headphone Jack and you want to install the Headphone Jack yourself. However, if you really do want us to install the Headphone Jack for you, choose from our other options depending on your needs.

If sending in your device, please be aware that the amount of time it takes for us to address each device varies, but we strive for quick turnaround times in all cases. Our best estimate for your turnaround time will be included in the email you will receive when your device arrives in our facility to help set your expectations accordingly.

This service is only for the Second Generation iPod touch. The Second Generation iPod touch does have exterior volume controls, and displays model number A1288 on the back. The Third Generation iPod touch displays A1318, and the First Generation iPod touch does not have exterior volume controls. Sorry if this is confusing – just contact us if you are still not sure which generation iPod touch you have and we can help you figure it out! If you need a replacement headphone jack for the First Gen iPod touch you will find it here. If you need a replacement headphone jack for the Third Gen iPod touch you will find it here.

And we understand that our customers have different levels of urgency when it comes to shipping your order. That's why we offer several domestic same-day shipping options during check-out.

If you suspect your device has water or liquid damage, we suggest setting up an order for our repair evaluation for liquid-exposed devices as it is possible that this part alone will not solve the problems that you are having.

Maintain the original investment in your iPod and purchase this battery today - No Sales Tax charged for orders billed outside of Texas!

To see all of our outbound shipping methods (shipping options from us to you) view our Shipping Methods page. If you wish to learn more about our inbound shipping options (how you can get your device to us so that we can work with it), please view our Guidance for Safe Shipping page.

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